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IFRA have decided to continue with the store area currently held within the premise of Dunfermline Fire Station with great thanks to The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service for allowing this. This is to safeguard the future of storage facilities held by International Fire and Rescue Association within Scotland .

IFRA`s new Training and Resource centre started life in 1957 as part of the Rothes Pit. This coal mine was tied very closely to the development of the new town of Glenrothes to the north. The planned long-term benefits were to be huge, and were to be the driver for the economic regeneration in central Fife. In 1964, 4 years after opening, the huge investment was written off and the mine run down because of flooding. Ironically, miners who had worked deeper pits in the area had forewarned against the development of the Rothes Pit for this very reason. From this the Fife (Regional) Council purchased the building and ran the Roads Dept from there up until very recently.

“This has been an amazing last few months with IFRA going from strength to strength.”

IFRA took over the Tenancy of the old Fife Council building in August 2016 after a short time being ran as a paintball activity centre. The building currently houses our Green Goddess and Landy (Cath) but has space to store the rest of our current fleet undercover. As well as training facilities, offices there area custom built storage areas for all the equipment to be securely and safely stored that we receive from all our sponsors. Come back to find out more about the clean up and development of the site by IFRA.

New training and  Resource centre