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IFRA has taken over the tenancy of the old Fife Council building in Thornton.

New training And resource centre  2016


IFRA members have been busy designing and uploading our new website up onto IFRA servers. This is a great time for YOU to have your say on what you would like to see what is included within IFRA`s website.

Website now designed to be viewed on a smart phone.

Please be aware this site is under construction and being updated.

Click refresh within your browser to ensure up to date content.

Pages still to be uploaded - Sponsors, Appliances and Reports.

Email - web@ifra.co.uk



Our latest newsletter is now available on line by clicking below. Ballyclare gives commitment, Web Rigging on board and three appliances head from Tilbury docks, our 81st, 82nd and 83rd appliances

International  fire And rescue  New website for 2017
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Convoy 58

The first week. Collected from hotel and taken to Lambare to see their BA equipment, not much of it, it’s a lot tidier than it’s been and the new office block is now in use, no work for me here the repairs done in October doing well. (Weather very bad, flooding), lunch and off to the training centre.

Left Jersey early evening hope this isn't a sign of how the mission is gonna go. Delayed for what we were told was a technical hitch but then eventually the police boarded the plane to arrest somebody. Bit of drama. Because of this I missed my coach and when I did get to Heathrow left luggage was closed, bit of a walk with all my kit. Eventually got to my mums at 1am had a beer then bed.

The team set off at 12 o'clock from Dunfermline fire station where we see Fraser Watson convoy commander and David Dawson instructor, start the first leg of their intrepid 1500 mile journey through Europe to get to their destination, the city of Cazin in North West region of Bosnia. This will see them travel through Scotland, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and finally Bosnia after nearly three days of travelling on their journey.